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        NEXT MEETING:   February 22nd, 2007  


            Upcoming events:
            National AAPG - SEG Student Expo

               March 15th - 17th   University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

              AAPG Annual Convention
April 1st - 4th    Long Beach, CA

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Undergraduate NEWS

Distinguished Lecturer

       AAPG offers a crew of visiting geologists and distinguished lecturers that can visit USC to speak on several topics.  Khandaker Zahid is the head of this project to bring a lecturer to USC for a special AAPG seminar ASAP.

Field Trip

      Don't make your spring break plans just yet!  A trip to Utah is in your future.


      Rosanna McCroan is heading up the search for volunteer opportunities with the Red Cross and more. 

      Ideas are:

               - Adopt - A - Highway with the Geology Club and the USC Geophysical Society
               - Planning a school blood drive
               - Volunteer Opportunities for Katrina           

Kayak or Water Rafting Trip

      A Surf Kayak trip has been a topic of discussion for two semesters now.  Those interested in planning surf kayaking or white water rafting can express their interest in the next meeting.


Conferences This School Year

      AAPG eastern Section Annual Meeting
               September 16 - 18, Lexington, KY

       APPEX London AAPG International Property and Prospect Exhibition
       Royal Lancaster Hotel | London, UK
       Contact: Peggy Pryor | Phone: 1-888-945-2274 ext. 618 or 1-918-560-2618

      AAPG Mid-Continent Section Annual Meeting

      September 9-11, 2007 • Wichita, Kansas



Undergraduate NEWS 

            Join the AAPG student chapter to learn about a quick and easy way to get cash for next semester!  The Austin Weeks Grant is a grant up to $500 for one undergraduate of the student chapter.  Join us at the next meeting to find out more.


Many ideas for fundraising have surfaced this year:

        Sell grain size cards -  These are small charts of actual grains depicting grain size for use in field work.  Anyone in the sediment class will use a grain size chart many times, it is our goal to make these charts and sell them to students.  This idea is in the works but anyone interested in this should come to our next meeting.

        Member Rebates - AAPG gives student chapters a rebate for each member of the student chapter that is on the membership role.  Who would have thought that you could raise money just by joining!




        Faculty Advisor:  David Barbeau

To join AAPG as a student for free fill out this form and return it to AAPG membership department in Tulsa, OK. Membership is free to students (made possible by CHEVRON sponsorship)


      University of South Carolina
      Department of Geological Sciences
      American Association of Petroleum Geologists
      Geological Society of America
      American Geophysical Union
      Society of Exploration Geophysicists
      Univ. of South Carolina Geology Club

Executive Committee for 2006-2007:

President: Khandaker Zahid
Vice President: Ipsita Gupta
Secretary: Jordan Kushner
Treasurer: Andrea Hougham
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dave Barbeau
Other Faculty Advisors: Dr. Chris Kendall
Dr. Jim Knapp

Contact us: Phone 803.777.3353,    803.777.2412    Fax: 803.777.6610     Email: uscaapg@gmail.com





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