The Scientific Method Rap


Taken from: Agnes Pflumm and the Stonecreek Science Fair

By: Merrie Southgate


In science we look for cause and effect

And follow a method that is most direct

First ask a question and find out more

Then make a guess about whatís in store

Gather your stuff, get organized and solid data will be your prize

Only change one thing keep the rest the same donít forget you control-

Itís part of the game

Record your results make chart

Then use your data for the next part

Your graph will show a pattern or not

Itís all right there in the lines and dots

But donít be fooled by just one set of stats

You gotta do it over and thatís a fact

Keep lookiní for a pattern if one is there

You might be surprised by how you fare

Cause thereís no such thing as a result that wrong

Unexpected things can happen all along

Discovery is what science is all about and ask youíll learn is there any doubt?

Just follow this method and all the way though and maybe youíll discover something new