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Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences Faculty

Dave Barbeau Dr. Dave Barbeau
Associate Professor

Office: EWS 406
Tel:      803.777.5162
email: dbarbeau <at> geol.sc.edu

Research Interests: Clastic sedimentology, tectonics and sedimentation, basin analysis, thermochronology, sediment provenance, and tectonics of the southern Andes and Antarctica
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Image2 Dr. Claudia Benitez-Nelson
Professor - Director, Marine Sciences Program

Office: EWS 408
Tel:     (803) 777-0018
Email: cbnelson < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests:  Marine biogeochemistry including phosphorus cycling; particle formation, export and sedimentation; and the development and application of radioisotopic tracers.
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USC Dr. Michael Bizimis
Assistant Professor

Office: PSC 519A
Tel:     (803) 777-5565
Email: mbizimis < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests:  Isotope geochemistry, Igneous Petrology; Trace element fluxes in subduction zones and the recycling of oceanic lithosphere.
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Subra Dr. Subrahmanyam Bulusu
Associate Professor

Office:  EWS 508
Tel:      (803) 777-2572
Email:  sbulusu <at> geol.sc.edu

Research Interests: Satellite Oceanography, Physical Oceanography, Air-Sea Interaction, Climate Change

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Photo of Seth John

Dr. Seth John
Assistant Professor

Office: PSC 515
Tel: (803) 777-7052
Email: sjohn <at> geol.sc.edu

Research Interests: Trace-metal biogeochemistry in the oceans; including the global distribution of trace-metal isotopes, biological uptake of trace-metals, and metal virus interactions.

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Jim Dr. James Kellogg

Office: EWS 203
Tel: (803) 777-4501
Email: kellogg <at> geol.sc.edu

Research Interests:  Applied geophysics, GPS geodesy, gravity/tectonic studies, tectonics of active margins, Andean orogenic belt, GIS, seamounts, 3D seismic interpretation.

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Camelia Dr. Camelia Knapp

Office: EWS 205
Tel:     (803) 777-8491
Email: camelia < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests:  Application of active source seismology to the structure, composition, and physical properties of the Earth crust and upper mantle; geodynamic evolution of orogenic belts, structure and origin of sedimentary basins, physical properties of marine gas hydrates, and seismic wave propagation and imaging in petroleum exploration

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Jim Dr. James Knapp

Office: EWS 204
Tel:     (803) 777-6886
Email: knapp < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests:  Analysis of the structural and geodynamic evolution of the continental lithosphere through integration of seismic reflection and refraction data, structural analysis, and geologic data. Application of geological and geophysical analysis to exploration and production of hydrocarbons. Current projects: URSEIS and CASPIANSEIS.

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Dr. Susan Lang

Dr. Susan Lang
Assistant Professor

Office: EWS 401
Email: slang@geol.sc.edu

Research Interests: Aqueous biogeochemistry; water-rock-microbe interactions, particularly in hydrothermal and subsurface systems; stable (13C, 15N, 34S) and radiocarbon (14C) isotopes of organic molecules; serpentinization as a source of energy for microbes and the abiotic synthesis of organic molecules; past, present, and future cycling of carbon and nitrogen through the environment.

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Andrew Leier Dr. Andrew Leier
Assistant Professor

Office: EWS 212
Phone: (803) 777-9941
Email: aleier@geol.sc.edu

Research interests: Clastic sedimentology, stratigraphy, sediment provenance, basin analysis, tectonics and sedimentation, stable isotopes, paleoelevation, paleoclimate, petroleum geology, reservoir architecture and characterization.

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Venkat Dr. Venkat Lakshmi

Office: EWS 407
Tel:     (803) 777-3552
Email: vlakshmi < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests:  Hydrology and water cycle characterization using modeling, remote sensing and data assimilation

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Tom Dr. Thomas J. Owens
Professor - Chairman, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Office: EWS 503
Tel:     (803) 777-4530
Email: chair < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests: The collection and analysis of seismological data in order to better understand the structure and evolution of the continental lithosphere; K-12 Science Education, in particular the use of seismological data, especially real-time data, to help get students interested in science.

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Howie Scher

Dr. Howie Scher
Assistant Professor

Office: PSC 519
Tel: (803) 777-2410
Email: hscher < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests: Cenozoic ocean history and the role of the ocean during abrupt climate events. Changes in seawater chemistry; Evolution of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic cryosphere; Spatial and temporal variations in the distribution of seawater trace elements and isotopes (TEI’s) and developing and calibrating proxies for paleoceanography

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Dr. Robert C. Thunell
Carolina Distinguished Professor
Senior Associate Dean for Natural Sciences

Office: EWS 514
Tel:     (803) 777-7593
Email: thunell < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests: Reconstructing paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic conditions using deep sea sediments; measuring the production and flux of sediments in the ocean; calibration of paleoclimate proxies. 

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Ray Dr. Raymond Torres
Associate Professor

Office: EWS 315
Tel:     (803) 777-4506
Email: torres < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests:  I conduct field and lab work designed to investigate processes that control the production, transport, and storage of water and sediment in terrestrial and intertidal landscapes. My funded research projects are on intertidal zone hydrology and geomorphology, near-surface saturated and unsaturated zone hydrology, and watershed management.

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George Voulgaris Dr. George Voulgaris

Office: EWS 309
Tel:     (803) 777-2549
Email: gvoulgaris < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests: Coastal processes including coastal and estuarine physical oceanography, sediment dynamics, boundary layer processes wave-current interaction, beach processes and coastal erosion.

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Scott Dr. Scott White
Associate Professor

Office: EWS 314
Tel:     (803) 777-6304
Email: swhite < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests: Marine geophysics and seafloor mapping including collection and interpretation of sonar, gravity, magnetic, and resistivity/ip data applied to understanding morphology and structure of seafloor spreading ridges and seamounts; volcanism and hydrothermal systems; and hydrogeophysics in the coastal zone.

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Alicia Wilson Dr. Alicia Wilson
Associate Professor

Office: EWS 302
Tel:     (803) 777-1240
Email: awilson < at > geol.sc.edu

Research Interests:  Hydrogeology, including groundwater flow in coastal and sub-seafloor settings, groundwater and geologic processes, variable-density fluid flow, numerical modeling, physical and chemical evolution of fluid flow systems.

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Sasha Dr. Sasha Yankovsky
Associate Professor

Office:  EWS 308
Tel:       (803) 777-3550
Email:  ayankovsky <at> geol.sc.edu

Research interests: 
Dynamics on continental shelves and in marginal seas: wind- and buoyancy-driven currents, transient and time-variable processes, waves, wave-current interaction, mesoscale variability, adjustment of shelf currents to the topographic and coastline features.
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Gene Dr. Gene Yogodzinski
Associate Professor

Office:  PSC 714 312A
Tel:       (803) 777-9524
Email:  gene <at> sc.edu

Research interests: 
My research combines geological field work with geochemical studies that focus primarily on the use of trace element and isotope geochemistry to understand igneous processes. I am particularly interested in understanding how the geochemistry of subduction-related magma is controlled by tectonics in different subduction settings.

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Gene Dr. Lori Ziolkowski
Assistant Professor

Office:  EWS 304
Tel:       (803) 777-0035
Email:  lziolkowski<at> geol.sc.edu

Research interests: 
 Isotope organic biogeochemistry, global change, radiocarbon, black carbon, permafrost, biomarkers, paleoclimate in the Arctic, composition of organic matter in the Earth System, method development of new biomarkers

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